Ask Mic Boom!

…would she even say yes, if I asked her.

((April Fools/guest update by Daf, who is a superb fellow and I owe one big time, especially for invoking Shakespeare.~))

Mic Boom: I don’t know if anything will ever help me…

Giving your deck a personal touch!

Limit 1 per deck. Took me three days to make this, so I hope you like it! Good luck in everything in the future, Teej!

((submitted by Milkmare of Trottingham))


((AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  MILKY I LOVE YOU, THIS IS FANTASTIC!  Thank you so much <3 The design is beautiful, and so crisp.  And it looks like the real thing.  Very well done!  I am not worthy of this XD))


I just want things to go back to normal…

Okay.  I understand.  I’m sorry again, and hope we can be friends.

((Arc over.))


That’s very sweet of you though!

I don&#8217;t know how to react.  This is&#8230;good, yes?



That’s very sweet of you though!

I don’t know how to react.  This is…good, yes?



FYI This doesn’t mean you are safe

[Bonus Scram-o-vision]

((Hey look, it didn’t end badly for Mic here XD Just gotta keep the plane pony away from him to make sure it doesn’t end badly.  Thank you so much Xeni!

Non-canon though, he’s still gonna get destroyed canonwise XP))

…I scared her off. ;~;